11 Smoking Hot Fox News Women

What started as a goof on the Howard Stern show has turned into a phenomenon. The internet would like to thank whoever is doing the hiring over there at Fox News because the reporters  keep getting hotter every day. Sure, we could just go online to get the news, but we watch you Fox because of your talent selection.

#11 – Shannon Bream.

Shannon first started working at Fox News in 2007.

#10 – Heather Nauert


Heather joined Fox News in 2009. She is married to an investment banker at Goldmen Sachs

#9 – Maria Molina


Maria was born in Nicaragua and started with Fox & Friends morning show as the weather girl.

#8 – Ainsley Earhardt


Smoking hot South Carolina native joined the news in 2007

 #7 – Andrea Tantaros


From Pennsylvania and joined the Fox News cast in 2010

#6 – Dana Perino


Dana is currently the co-host of The Five on Fox and also served as the white house press secretary under Bush

#5 – Julie Banderas


Julie is part Colombian and currently anchors on America’s News on Fox

#4 – Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Elisabeth got her TV start on Survivor and the View before joining Fox

#3 – Megyn Kelly


Originally a lawyer, Megyan started working as a local journalist in DC before ending up on Fox

#2 – Kimberly Guilfoyle


A Cali girl who is best known for appearing as a regular on The Five, O’Reilly Factor & Hannity

#1 – Anna Kooiman


Anna was originally a sideline report for Fox Sports before joining the news team

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