Hey Windows, I need a beer. Gates buys Heineken

Your Windows laptop may surprise you by suggesting cracking open an ice-cold beer while it undergoes another update, but this is not entirely unrelated to former Microsoft CEO and world’s richest man Bill Gates’ recent investment in Heineken.

Gates’ $936 million stake in the beer company, which accounts for 3.76% of its ownership, is a departure from his typical investments in philanthropy and agriculture. He has a long-standing interest in vaccines and has recently invested in a brain-computer interface start-up and a climate start-up that aims to reduce methane production by livestock.

bill gates drinking wine

However, despite the declining state of the beer market, Heineken announced plans for a major marketing campaign to boost its premium products. This is not Gates’ first venture into the beer industry, as he previously invested $392 million in a Mexican brewery in 2007.

Meanwhile, current Microsoft President Brad Smith is lobbying EU regulators to allow the company to acquire Activision Blizzard, a move that has already raised antitrust concerns in the UK.

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