The Best Online Stock Broker In 2017

SureTrader is a high-profile online brokerage. The trading platform operates without account minimums attracting everyday traders for penny stocks, OTC and various securities. For those in the United States, it’s important to know that SureTrader is an offshore broker.

How SureTrader Works
Access the main page and set about opening a trading account. The process is natural and American citizens have an additional W9 tax form to fill. After a few days, you receive an email confirmation that the account has been set up and is ready for funding.

You can opt to open an account to fund and withdraw from SureTrade. After funding the account, the money becomes available the next trading day. Experience shows that funding your account with a debit/credit card will cost 3.5% charges but is the fastest way.

A bank wire transfer is free, however, getting your account funded takes a bit of time. First-time withdrawal must match the same procedure you used to fund the trading account; that’s the general rule.
Withdrawing funds from your SureTrader account through a wire transfer will cost you $40. You will have to wait seven business days for the bank verification process to got through. The funds then take a few days to reflect on your account.

To make things easier, SureTrader has linked up with Citibank New York to make wire transfers for US citizens much quicker. The SureTrader Pro Platform is by far the best trading platform. The subscription costs are $49 and $40 for Market Depth Data Access.

The Pro platform is run efficiently and experiences very minimal hitches. For serious traders, it is worth subscribing.

Why SureTrader?
The perfect trading platform for dealers with 25K and less willing to invest in trading. SureTrader treats clients as high-risk customers and offers more rules and fees to help dealers learn and earn from their investments.

SureTrader offers newbies adequate training and tools necessary to help them start trading. Traders are cautioned not to overtrade as it increases their risks and leaves them highly vulnerable in the market.

SureTrader Pro Platform is the best so far, and traders should try and trade with $2500 and above daily to make a decent amount. Traders need to grasp what margins are and how to use the margins to their advantage.

Customer Service
A decent customer support system that fails on occasion. Unfortunately, the trader has a low number of customer representatives. Given that 90% of marketers are newbies, phone lines, and chats are jammed all day long.

However, an email will be responded to within 24hrs. Well, documented complaints are followed up and resolved within the shortest time possible.

SureTrader is a perfect trading partner for people with less than 25K. It has its fair share of problems such as slow customer service and double commission charges once a while. However, when you report these cases your funds are refunded in full.

The training and tools offered to help serious traders make money on this platform.

TradeKing Review
TradeKing is an online stock broker that offers investors with a platform to share ideas, discuss the market trends and place trades. Today, ten years down the line, TradeKing offers it’s customers a platform of premium researched fused with quality mobile trading.

The online stock broker today provides an excellent future trading platform among other things. When you combine all the elements provided by TradeKing, you discover it’s a strong contender for being the ultimate broker.

Trading Platform Tools
After merging with Zecco and MB Trading, in 2012 and 2015 TradeKing now offers various trading tools beneficial for active traders and long-term investors. The tools on offer include:

● Maxit Tax Manager
● Options Pricing Calculator
● TradeKing LIVE
● Probability Calculator
● Technical Analysis
● Profit and Loss Calculator
● Stocks, ETF and Mutual Funds Screeners
● Technical Analysis
● Options and Strategy Scanners

The New Streaming Web Platform
TradeKing LIVE is the newest Web 2.0 trading platform. It enables traders to get the latest information on their investments and market changes. The LIVE platform is browser based and supports Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome browsers.

Clients using this platform can trade via their mobile devices Apps they download for free from the mobile stores.

To keep up with the changing world, TradeKing offers API which makes interfacing with third-party research tools easier. API enables trading automation easier and spurs the future growth of online brokerage.

TradingKing Commissions
TradeKing offers an ETF and flat stock trade commission of $4.95. Options trades cost $4.95 plus 65 cents for every contract. Single leg and multi-leg options have the same price. Shares valued under $2 per share cost $4.95 plus 1 cent per share.

TradeKing offers investors a zero-rated account minimum. Traders should, however, have a $2500 account balance and trade minimally within a year to avoid paying a $50 inactivity fee.

Research and Trading Tools
The expansive trading tools suite offers traders a variety of calculators, technical analysis and charting capabilities they combine to compare, forecast and calculate the profit and loss potential before trading.

The online trader network which acts as a traders social media platform allows users to interact and share information. Customizable data and real-time streaming quotes are given freely to investors trading ten or more times monthly.

The Bits I Found A Little Off
Just like any great thing, TradeKing has its shortcomings. The platform doesn’t have commission-free ETFs, making it difficult for investors looking to dollar-cost average into ETFs monthly.

The $4.95 charges will add up fast making the exchange an un-viable feature.

TradeKing doesn’t offer free transaction fee mutual funds. The platform becomes costly for account holders investing regularly.

We wait with anticipated breath for TradeKing acquisition by Ally Bank. Ally Bank should concentrate on the strengths of both trading companies.

TradeKing has an excellent customer service and Ally Bank’s decent features, and savings rates will create a wholesome online trading company. TradeKing has fantastic customer service, pricing, and profitable online trading.

The firm’s mobile integration is friendly, and many traders love it for the no hidden fees and low-cost trading options!

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