$10,000/mo job opening to move to a winery in California

We are calling all Winos! Do you want to live in Sonoma Wine Country and make 10k/mo rent-free? Well, here is your chance because one winey is hiring a lucky candidate for the job of a lifetime.


The job description states: ‘We have a job that will instantaneously catapult you into the wine stratosphere. Have you always wanted to live in breathtaking Sonoma Wine Country… with a $10,000 per month salary, and rent-free for a year? Looking for a change in your career and to pursue your passion? Do words like Cabernet, Rosé, and Chardonnay just roll off your tongue?’

You need to create a video about why you would be a good candidate and submit it to: https://www.murphygoodewinery.com/a-really-goode-job

Oh, we also forgot to add you’ll get 30 free cases of booze. Social distancing may apply.

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